Pandemonium Buys and sells a wide range of quality books, records, CDs and DVDs:

Books we buy – Pandemonium is always looking to buy quality contemporary literature as well as philosophy, art, poetry, religion and history books Science Fiction and Mystery books.

CDs we buy – selectively

Vinyl LPs – Pandemonium buys a wide range of vinyl records.
We are always looking for quality Jazz, Funk, Soul, Psyche, Rock, Metal, Punk, Blues, Avant-garde,  etc.
We generally do not buy any classical records, but I like to look at any and all lps :)

Prices depend on condition and rarity of the individual lps; but we will also buy entire collections.

DVDs – Pandemonium is not buying DVDs at this time. We do accept donations.

***We Accept Donations of Quality Items Only***

Pandemonium is also interested in music memorabilia; we buy posters, buttons
tour books and we are always looking to buy autographs. (Not your autograph – autographs of famous musicians and authors.)